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hello world? - How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

About hello world?

Previous Entry hello world? Jul. 18th, 2004 @ 11:04 pm Next Entry
I'm just curious as to how everything/everyone is doing with the Bramhs. I mean cause according to the schedual, we should be on the Bach now. I don't want to sound bitchy, I just want to know what people think. I'm a geek and I'm excited about this. (Just bought the books today... yeah I'm a dork)

I just wanted to know why everyone was so quiet. I could host mp3s of songs for people if need be. Or start discussions. Or anything. I just want to think now that I'm not in school.

I apologize in advance if I offended anyone. That wasn't my intent.
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Date:July 25th, 2004 08:06 pm (UTC)
absolutely no offense. i'm still working on the brahms, but i came in late and am probably going to skip ahead after this to get more time w/one farther down the list. i dig doing this though, a lot of it is music i haven't spent much time with, so i don't mind this additional motive to get into a piece i might not have otherwise, read about it, learn more about it, etc.
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